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In a city where there is a coffee shop on every corner and Starbucks franchises look at each other across the street, Bedlam is like the unwanted, punk rock step child of the corporate coffee world. They don’t go on about their “shade grown beans” or “blah roast third generation blah blah” shit—they just serve coffee. Motherf’n STIFF black coffee!

Since firmly planting their freak flag in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood in 2009, Ben Borgman and Chris Connors have worked hard to create an inviting atmosphere of love, tolerance and respect for all the peoples of Seattle to enjoy. Now, seven years later this June, Bedlam has become such a part of Belltown’s DNA that almost every single bartender, server and office worker in a 5 block radius is fueled by their caffeine, cookies and THE BEST cinnamon swirl toast to ever freaking exist on this planet!! Add that to the fact that these wonderful delectables are served by some of the nicest, most caring baristas to ever pull shots in this city and you’ve got something special that makes people WANT to come back everyday.

Because let’s face it, caffeine is a drug you can get anywhere, but it is this connection to the people of Seattle, that person to person communication that makes Bedlam Coffee a true HOMETOWN HERO! I really could go on and on about this place with their back lit Ziggy Stardust poster, Invader Zim influenced drink sizes and downright glorious movie collection, but the truth is, as soon as you walk through the door, you know. The dedication, blood, sweat and tears that built this place hits you like a gust of wind, bringing about a revitalization on par with the damn fine coffee you are about to enjoy.

Much love to Ben, Chris and the crew at Bedlam for standing as a beacon of hope for independent Seattle and supporting local art every day of the year!! It is our honor to have another cornerstone of Seattle culture join the Hometown Heroes coalition!!