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Currently owned by Scott and Lainie Tomlin with day to day operations run by Chris Casos, The Comics Dungeon has been serving the Wallingford area of Seattle since 1992 with their diverse selection of new comics, back issues, toys, t-shirts, and statues. Until the store relocated in 2012, it was a true dungeon, but thanks to the tireless efforts of the Tomlins to make it more family orientated while still maintaining it’s eclectic stock, the Dungeon has become much brighter while losing none of its old school soul. Combined with numerous outreach programs and events designed to introduce readers to great new comics, the Dungeon has stayed true to its independent spirit while constantly evolving with this fast changing medium.

It is the nurturing of this spirit as well as the dedication to community building that makes Comics Dungeon a true Hometown Hero and we couldn’t be happier to announce them as a sponsor of the 2016 show!!

Much love to Chris, Scott and Lainie for believing in the importance of local art and supporting HOMETOWN HEROES!!