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Since 2004, Arcane has established themselves as one of the pillars of local comic book retailing with their community focused service that truly reminds me of an old school comic store. On Friday nights, you can find the staff discussing their favorite stories with customers, drinking beers and eating fine meats while listening to hip hop.
They even have a dog mascot.

Talk about good vibes.

The bottom line is that everyone at Arcane loves comics. Unabashedly. That’s why they are here, why they do what they do. The goal is to share that love with each of their customers on whatever level necessary from subscriptions to recommendations to listening to someone complain about the latest Avengers issue. Bret, Kenshi and the gang have worked hard to build the type of store they’d want shop at (and work at and live at and…) we’re all just lucky to share it with them.

Much love to everyone at Arcane Comics for supporting our little event and make sure to stop by Arcane in person and experience the awesomeness first hand!!