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Push Pull


I only just met Seth and Maxx about a week ago at the latest Intruder release party here in Seattle, which is odd considering how active we are in the local comics scene. Seth had contacted me a few days prior having heard about Hometown Heroes and immediately offered his full support of the event. Promotion, use of the gallery space, contact info for artists—whatever resources he could pool were mine to use. To be honest, I had no idea who he was, but I was totally impressed nonetheless.

Turns out, Seth has been running his own indy comic con (Exterminator City) for the past few years as well as Push/Pull with his partner in crime, Maxx. An independent local art gallery/comic store in Ballard, Push/Pull truly represents everything Hometown Heroes stands for and we cannot be more excited to announce them as a sponsor for the 2016 show!!

Here’s a few words from the horse’s mouth—

Push/Pull’s mission is to…
Promote underground art and comics
Foster community between those creating and viewing art
Encourage emerging artists, illustrators and cartoonists
Innovate the way art is consumed by presenting it in a unique
environment and with nontraditional events

Underground art is work that challenges the viewer to feel something, to think about something. Art that is made by professionals that learned all the rules about making art and then broke them. Art that is made by professionals that never learned any of the rules about making art and made it up as they went along. It’s creepy, weird, controversial, strange. Push/Pull exists to show the alternative possibility of what an art gallery can be.

It is EXACTLY these types of places we need more of here in Seattle. People like Seth and Maxx are the kind of warriors who most of the time go unsung—their deeds witnessed by a passionate few, but rarely reaching the vast audience beyond the walls of the comic realm. Much love to Seth and Maxx for being champions of local art and for becoming a Hometown Hero!!

I’ll leave you with a little anecdote about the origin of the name Push/Pull

Push/Pull was named by Maxx. The name originally came from a dream in which she had already opened the gallery and was greeting people at the first opening. Here’s her full story behind it:

“The inspiration for the name Push/Pull began with screen printing. The motion of the squeegee across the screen. As I was printing the words would repeat in my head ‘push…..pull…..push…..pull’. Gradually I noticed these same two movements throughout my work; whether I was drawing or painting the motions were always a push and pull. I started to think about the relationship between art and the words push & pull. Art is created to push boundaries – personal, political, social. But art is also intended to pull you in to share an intimate experience with the creator. The experience may be humorous, angry or spiritual but it’s one created uniquely by the artist.
So there it is, Push/Pull – the two words that can be used to describe art from mechanics to experience.”