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Stefano Gaudiano1


Upon entering AA, one of the first things they suggest is to find a sponsor. A man or woman who has travelled the treacherous road that lay ahead and can offer support, advice or just an ear to listen. Unfortunately, the comic industry is not filled with the most welcoming people and more often than not, creators see aspiring artists or writers as threats to their standing—people who may take work from their hands…money from their wallets. Couple that with the overwhelming amount of people seeking to enter this once looked down upon industry over the past 5ish years and it’s easy to see why pros might be a bit guarded with their contacts and critiques. Sure, like anything else there is a certain amount of “just fucking do it” to creating comics, but at some point the student needs a teacher. A mentor. And Stefano, well…he’s a fucking comics wizard.

Stefano Gaudiano has been toiling in the comic book trenches for thirty years. His resume reads like a greatest hits album with clients such as Marvel, DC, Image, Showtime and Warner Bros. (to name a few) but don’t be surprised if this is the first time you’re hearing his name. In fact, that is exactly why Stefano is one of the most respected people in the industry. For him, the work comes first, and not just work as in singular, but as in a whole—a hive almost. Since the day I met him and for many years prior, he has been guiding the hands of any artist willing to listen, adding their energies to the great web of creativity that exists beneath the visible surface of this still great city.
Stefano does this because he understands the struggles of a life of creation, be it comic books or otherwise. He wants to see everyone succeed, to further broaden the realm of their chosen industry and inject it with new ideas, people and perspectives. In the years I have been fortunate enough to know him, Stefano has offered nothing less than his unyielding support in every venture I’ve ever undertaken and I cannot convey just how much that has meant to me as a comic creator and a human in general. Like the Justice Society of America, Stefano teaches you how to be a hero to yourself and others, rather than just surviving in the trenches.

Inker. Penciler. Editor. Writer. Colorist. Husband. Father. Mentor. Friend. He truly is the art sponsor none of us knew we needed. I can think of no one better who represents the ideals we here at Hometown Heroes hold true and it is with the utmost pleasure that I announce STEFANO GAUDIANO as our Guest of Honor!! He will also be gracing the cover of the 1st anniversary issue of Nemesis Enforcer which will be debuting at the show on April 8th!

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